At the production plant of KABU-KUEHN Umformtechnik GmbH parts for the automotive industry, partially also for motorbikes, especially for the exhaust system are produced. The range of products predominantly consists of cones, shells, heat shields, baffles, plates and round blankes

In our production we are specialized in processing stainless steel, steel and aluminum.

The parts produced are washed in one of our industrial washing machines therefore will be delivered free of oil and grease (for subsequent processing). For the washing process we have a front-loading washing machine for bulk goods and a throughput washing machine available. By using the throughput washing machine, parts retain their scratch free surface, due to piece by piece insertion.

With a welding machine available in-house, we are able to join small assemblies by spot welding or projection welding.

The consignment of the goods will be carried out according to ordered quantities in suitable or customer-specified packaging.